We bought Newbury Hill Farm in 2017 and started to experiment with types of crops, crop varieties and growing methods.  Garlic grows well in the Nova Scotia soil and climate so we selected two robust hardneck varieties and bought the best seed garlic we could lay our hands on. After selectively growing and harvesting our Red Russian and Music garlic for 5 years we have have a good quantity to sell in the fall 2021. We also grow a variety of other vegetables which we sell online at Lunenburg Farmers Market.

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How we grow

We have always used natural soil amendments and no chemical fertilizers or sprays. We're keen on compost tea and making sure the soil is PH balanced.


Newbury Hill Farm is situated close to Barss Corner, Lunenburg County. We chose the spot as there is little commercial farming nearby, there is abundant ground water, the air is clean and the soil is very good

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